Trevor Hunsaker

Salt Lake area Web developer


Web development projects I've done. homepage
Trevor has done everything from updating my old website, designed me a newsletter, and recently rebuilt my website completely. He is great at taking my ideas and turning them into a reality that works.
Holly DeVito – President/Owner, Sum of All Numbers

When bookkeeping firm Sum of All Numbers wanted to make their site easier to update, their SEO company asked if I could re-do it in WordPress. It was also time for a re-design, so I designed a custom Wordpress theme based on the colors of their new logo. homepage
It's a genuine pleasure for me to recommend Trevor Hunsaker for his outstanding ability in taking my design and making it into a fully-functional HTML website. In comparing my design to the live website they look identical in nearly every aspect save a few subtle differences in text that were caused by font limitations. I'm continually amazed by how accurately he was able to translate so many highly complex design elements into such a robust yet highly efficient HTML website.
Justin Howlett – Graphic Designer, Spillman Technologies

Spillman Technologies was updating all their marketing materials, and it was time to freshen up the website. In addition to implementing the designer's mockup, I built a custom system for the marketing department to easily update their website without needing to talk to a tech guy.